Karin G.:
Although I am far from an authority on massages, I’ve just had an extraordinary one from a woman who has recently moved back to new orleans and set up shop in the Il Posto building at 4605 Dryades Street uptown. Her name is Tam McBride and her place is called Well Body Studio. I thought she was pretty remarkable…as strong and targeted as the chiropractor in Marigny I went to for 22 years, who spoiled me for massages.  I always felt great for days and weeks after leaving his office, whereas massages usually just feel good to me during the actual service.  Until now.  It seems to me that Tam combines the skills of both disciplines.  Plus, she has jazz playing instead of new age pablum!

Allie A.:
Get a massage from Tam McBride. When I was pregnant, I had sciatic nerve issues from my tailbone down through my leg and she fixed me! Every time I walked out of an appointment I felt like a new person. I said she played as much a role in my healthy pregnancy as my doctor!

Sarah B.:
Tam has magic hands! Her massages are wonderful. She has a little space uptown that is very cute and private (also right next to Il Posto for delicious coffee right after massage). Tam always makes me feel very comfortable when setting up and during the massage. She has a very soothing personality to go with her very soothing touch! Highly highly recommend – I’m addicted 🙂

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